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The Role of Integrated Activities in Optimizing the Educational Process (Gheorghiţa Torcică) 7

The Role of Integrated Activities in Optimizing the Educational Process

Prof. înv. preşcolar Gheorghiţa Torcică
Grăd. cu P.P. nr. 14, Târgovişte

This paper focused on the study of curricular integration approach as an innovative way of designing the curriculum. This new approach allows the organization and summarization of the teaching content provided by multiple fields of knowledge, so that the children are enabled to acquire a clear and unified picture of the real world, and in the same time, the learning or teaching approach can be customized according to each child’s particularities.

The main purpose of realizing this research is to determine the extent to which a child-centered didactic approach based upon an integrated curriculum may lead to obtaining superior results to those achieved as a result of the discipline based activities, performed in a curriculum design centered on the teacher’s work.

Bridging various aspects of integration issues turns into a challenge on which researchers stopped diligently in recent years, although this concern in not quite new. The most debated concepts are transdisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity, teaching/ learning curriculum integration.

Key words: early childhood education; integrated curriculum; curriculum design; experiential areas.
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Pre-school teacher's counselling activity (Ioana Ţerbea Oţetea) 15

Pre-school teacher's counselling activity

Prof. înv. preşcolar Ioana Ţerbea Oţetea
Grăd. cu P.P. nr. 16, Sibiu

Classical counselling classes have gained a firmer status due to Curriculum Reform in 1998, when a new curricular area was introduced. It was called Counselling and Guidance and had the purpose to satisfy the new educational, economic and social requirements. Even though, quite a long time passed away after this event, the progress in this area wasn’t that important. Today, the Counselling and Guidance activity is a complex one. In pre-school education, Counselling and Guidance contains three types of activities, namely counselling children, counselling parents and extracurricular activities.

Key words: reform; counselling; prerogatives; responsibilities; pre-school; counselling activities.
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