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Pre-School Education

Studies and researches

The Promoting of the School Institutions (Daniela Mihaela Florescu, Alina Trăncan) 7

The Promoting of the School Institutions

Prof. dr. Daniela Mihaela Florescu,
Univ. Transilvania – Facultatea de Psihologie şi Ştiinţele Educaţiei, Braşov
Prof. înv. preşcolar Alina Trăncan
Grăd cu P.P. nr. 11, Braşov

This course is addressed to the kindergarten managers. The main goal of the course is to empower the teachers to set up a positive image of their institution by using modern methods.
The participants will learn how to make their management more efficient, more competitive on the market.
This course will have practical activities, debates, workshops.
The course will take place in July, in Mamaia resort at the Black Sea.

Key words: marketing, communication, promoting strategies.
Parental Competence (Ecaterina Vrăsmaş) 22

Parental Competence

Prof. univ. dr. Ecaterina Vrăsmaş
Univ. Bucureşti – Facultatea de Psihologie şi Ştiinţele Educaţiei, Bucureşti

To be a parent represents a highly complex experience involving a wide range of variables. To conceive the parental role as an evolving one which follows certain stages, clearly determined by the interactions with the child, also by the day by day experience, represents an interesting and valuable idea in the specialised literature.
In the following article we are exposing this concept.

Key words: parent, parental competence.
Change of Contemporary Teacher's Vision and Behaviour (Nicoleta Savu) 25

Change of Contemporary Teacher's Vision and Behaviour

Prof. Nicoleta Savu
Grăd. cu P.P. "Perluţele mării" Constanţa

The quality of education is considered one of the priorities of the Romanian education reform. The quality of education is influenced by a number of factors: human resources, material and space resources, teaching strategies. It is essential to ensure performant for the education quality and for the time being human resource is characterized by changing. For the education system, the change os vision and behavior should be seen as improving, progress and performance. For educators, this change represents vision, innovation, competitiveness. For students the change means pleasure of learning, freedom to be unique and a chance of success. The teacher has an important role in the formative virtualization of the syllabus for preschoolers, especially in the early education for change.

Key words: quality education, early education, changing, vision, behavior, teacher.
Outdoor Education in the Kindergarten (Constanţa Stamenovski) 28

Outdoor Education in the Kindergarten

Prof. Constanţa Stamenovski
Grăd. "Lumea prichindeilor", Câmpia Turzii

Outdoor Education is a relatively new concept in the romanian educational context. In this society where education is trying hard to carve a path for students to step towards a goal that each one dreams, a path on which unnecessary information vanish, where the stress must be in normal limito, outdoor education appears to offer us a reminder for the return to nature in a recreational learning. We need nature just as nature needs us, humans.
Kids needs to learn this!

Key words: Outdoor Education.
Music Therapy in the Mitigation of Preschoolers’ Learning Difficulties (Artemiza Cuzincu, Marioara Pădurean) 33

Music Therapy in the Mitigation of Preschoolers' Learning Difficulties

Prof. Artemiza Cuzincu,
Prof. Marioara Pădurean
Grăd. nr. 245, Bucureşti

The paper "Music therapy in the mitigation of preschoolers' learning difficulties" outlines a bunch of different music therapy exercises and techniques that were adapted for 5-6 years old kindergartners.
The goal of exposing level II preschol children to this music therapy program was mainly to achieve a desired gradual mitigation of their learning difficulties and health problems, at the same time developing their love for music and educating their aesthetic taste.
After identifying preschool children with learning disabilities and pinning down their difficulties, we performed the exercises and techniques as a weekly unit among all the kindergarten activities planned for the second semester.
The final part of the paper highlights the effects we noticed during and upon completion of the whole music therapy program.

Key words: music therapy, learning difficulties, preschool, tibetan bowls, chakras and musical notes.
EARLY childhood Education 44
special educational needs (SEN) 51
Therapeutic Activity "Shameful Bunny" (Eugenia Dobromir) 72

Therapeutic Activity "Shameful Bunny"

Prof. psiholog Eugenia Dobromir
Grăd. cu P.N. "Perluţele Mării", Constanţa

The purpose of the activity "The shameful bunny" is that of preventing or removing the shame by promoting a rational/ healthy way of thinking. Those who deal with the education of children, young people should be receptive to the changes imposed by the evolution of society, to respond to the responsibilities imposed by the changes that occur in the organization of learning styles. Most experts in the field know that the process of education requires a change in the requirements for the profession of educator. You can not understand the individuals without considering the community that has shaped and continually reshapes them, it is impossible to understand the society without regard to the personality profile of its members. And the most social and reflexive part of the personality is the self. You can know a child, considering the three pillars of self‑esteem:
    • confidence;
    • self-concept;
    • self-love.

Key words: Self-esteem, shame, feelings, preschoolers.
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