Contents issue 3-4 / 2017

Preschool Learning throughout E-Twinning Projects (Florina Popescu)63

Preschool Learning throughout e-Twinning Projects

Prof. Florina Popescu
Grăd. cu P.P. nr. 1, Târgovişte

Learning through eTwinning projects lead to improvement of education, motivating children to go learning experiences in a self-paced, involving them in their own development through the development of XXI century competences and represents a challenge for the modern teacher. eTwinning generates value, competitiveness, creativity, learning modern, represents an attractive learning for children and teachers, presents pedagogical tools that integrate new technologies in learning process, is an important resource for ideas for learning activities. eTwinning is a learning environment that provides self-regulation and co permanent educational process, one immediate and visible results is the change occurred in the methods and techniques of learning.

Key words: e-learning, e-Twinning, collaborative, interdisciplinary, learning environment.
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